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How to Enjoy Your Workout with 9 Tips for Making Exercise More Fun

Does the idea of running on a treadmill or going for a jog fill you with dread? This can make it difficult to work out each day.

If you don’t enjoy your exercises you will struggle to perform them. They will become a dull routine that you avoid in favor of more enjoyable activities. But, you can prevent this issue.

It is possible to make exercise more fun. By focusing on what you enjoy, changing your environment, and including more variety in your routine, not only will you enjoy your work out, it will become more effective.

Here are 9 simple tips that you can use to start making exercise more entertaining.

#1 – Workout Without a Friend

Working out with a friend can make the workout go by quicker. You’re more likely to talk to with your friend, can also increase the benefits of your workout. When you talk while working out, you will use more of your muscles and energy.

#2 – Join a Fitness Class

A group fitness class provides an encouraging environment to help you stick to your fitness routine. If you choose a fitness class that performs an activity that you enjoy, the class will be even more entertaining.

For example, spin classes are often highly energized and the group support encourages you to keep coming back. You can often find these fitness classes at your local YMCA or a gym.

This tip is similar to the previous tip. If you can’t find a friend to workout with, you could get similar benefits by joining a group fitness class.

#3 – Listen to Music While You Workout

Listening to music can help block out distractions, including thoughts about giving up. The right music can help get your heart pumping. It will energize you to keep going. Listen to upbeat or energetic music.

You can even use a playlist to push yourself further each day. For example, at the end of your run on the treadmill or asphalt, you could push yourself to keep going through one more song.

#4 – Mix Up Your Routine

Performing the same routine each day can make exercising incredibly boring. Mixing up your routine can help. If you normally run 5 days a week, replace one of these days with time on the treadmill or in the pool. Include more variety in your routine.

You could look for new exercises to perform or alternate between several different types of exercise. This has the added benefit of helping you work more of your muscles. When you focus on the same muscles each day, you’ll eventually hit a plateau.

Instead, you need to target different muscle groups on different days. Mixing up your routine will help. This gives your muscles time to repair and heal between workouts and increases the efficiency of your exercises.

#5 – Change Your Environment

Along with mixing up your routine, you should consider changing your environment. Performing your workouts in a different room, at a different gym, or in a different area can make the entire process less boring.

If you go cycling or running, you could try using a different route. This could even be a fun activity. You could plan out different routes and use a fitness tracker to track your GPS coordinates.

#6 – Cut Your Workout in Half

If you’re finding it hard to stick to your workout routine, you could try to cut in half. Shortening the duration of your workout should help you remain motivated to see it through.

Cutting your workout in half is better than giving up. You’ll still continue to get your daily exercise, even though it isn’t as intense as your full routine.

After you’ve cut the routine in half, stick with this shortened version for a full week. The following week, you could increase the duration by 5 or 10 minutes.

Continue to increase the time each week, while using some of the other tips discussed, until you build back up to your regular workout length.

#7 – Track Your Fitness Progress

Tracking your progress can also help make your exercises more entertaining. Use a fitness app to track your progress or write your results in a journal. This helps put your workouts in perspective. Otherwise, it can appear that there is no end in sight.

When you track your progress, you can monitor your goals. You set milestones along the way. Reaching these milestones then gives you added motivation to continue.

#8 – Watch Television While You Exercise

Depending on the type of exercise that you’re performing, you may be able to watch television during your workout. This is common in gyms. You’ll often see television screens across from the treadmills. Though, the sound is usually muted.

If you have a treadmill in your home, watching your favorite show can help take your mind off the fact that you’re running in place. You could even time the exercise to the length of a television show. Before you know it, your television show is over and so is your workout.

#9 – Give Yourself a Reward

Rewarding yourself can help make the workout fly by. Give yourself a little treat afterward. This could include reading a chapter out of your book, laying on a couch while watching a television show, or downloading a new song.

The reward shouldn’t be related to food. You don’t want to undo your hard work. The idea is to choose something small that you can look forward to after completing your workout.

These are just a few ideas that may be able to put a little more fun in your workouts.

If you continue to follow these steps and still can’t find the motivation to complete a workout, you should keep trying new exercises. Keep trying new activities until you find something that you actually enjoy.

It is always more entertaining to complete an activity that you enjoy than an activity that you dread. When exercising a major chore, you need to find ways to add a little spice. You should mix up your routine, change your environment, reward yourself, and try some of the other tips discussed.

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