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Learn How to Stay Active When You Have a Family and Can’t Find Time

When you have kids in the house, it’s not always easy to find time to work out.

Even after the kids leave the house, you might have trouble finding the motivation to start working out again. In either case, it can be difficult to develop a new routine.

After all, you need repetition to form a habit.

The following tips will help you stay active, even when you can’t find the time. You’ll see that staying active when you have a family doesn’t need to be difficult.

Get started with these fun and simple solutions.


Get the Whole Family Involved in Healthy Activities

It’s recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. This is just over 20 minutes per day. 20 minutes isn’t a lot of time, which should make it easier to find activities that the whole family will enjoy without getting bored.

Find fun activities that you can do together as a family. This could include anything from going on a hike to going for a swim.

The idea is that if one of you doesn’t quite feel like being active, there are others in the family that still want to go for a hike or take a dip in the pool. Your family may be able to provide the motivation that you need to stick to your fitness plans.

Try to find outdoor activities that the whole family will enjoy. Along with swimming or hiking, you could go skiing, sledding, or go on a family bicycle ride. You could also find sports that the entire family enjoys.

If you still have little ones in a stroller, then use a jogging stroller to include more cardio in your daily routine.

As your children grow, you can get them into the habit of going for a jog after school. And, once they leave the house, you can find others in your neighborhood and form your own jogging group.


Take a Fitness Class with Your Children

Many local gyms and YMCA centers offer fitness classes and clubs for the parent and children. This is a great way to start introducing the importance of exercise to your children.

If you’ve got older children, you can look for a regular fitness class that everyone can enjoy. For example, spin classes are often filled with mothers and their daughters.

Along with spinning, you could take a yoga class or even a self-defense class.


You Can Get Exercise While Performing Household Chores

You won’t always be able to drag your children into your fitness activities. You’ll also need to find ways to work out on your own. Household chores are great for this.

When you’re performing common chores around the house, find ways to increase the physical activity of the chore.

For example, when you clean, use heavy objects around the house to perform bicep curls. When you finish cleaning a room, drop to the ground and perform push-ups.

This may seem silly, but it really does give you the chance to burn a few extra calories and work some of your muscles. And, it doesn’t eat into the rest of your time.

You’ll eventually get in the habit of turning chores into mini-exercises. Studies show that it takes about 66 days for a repeated behavior to become automatic. So, stick with it. Continue coming up with ways to add exercise into your daily chores.


Park Further Away from Your Destination

When you’ve got a busy life, you want to park as close to your intended destination as possible. But, as you’ve probably heard, parking further away forces you to walk further. This activity can help you stay in shape.

Honestly, parking further away may add one to two minutes to your total trip. But, this isn’t enough to dramatically impact your schedule for the day.


Set Your Alarm Earlier Than Normal

As difficult as it can be to get out of bed, the early morning is often the time of the day when we have the most time to ourselves. So, take advantage of this time by waking up a little bit earlier.

Give yourself a few extra minutes to get on the treadmill or prepare a healthy breakfast. Giving yourself even 10 or 15 minutes will have a big effect on what you can get done in the morning while having little impact on the quality of your sleep.


Don’t Force Yourself to Follow a Strict Diet

This next tip applies to your diet. It’s hard to stick to a specific diet when you’re cooking for a family. The rest of your family may not need to follow the same dietary guidelines. So, don’t follow a diet.

It really is that simple. Don’t start a diet. Instead, start eating a selection of balanced, healthy meals. Start incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. Cut back on foods that lack nutrition.


Get Your Children to Help You in the Kitchen

You can also get your children to help you in the kitchen. Start showing them the types of foods that they should be eating.

When your children get interested in healthy cooking, you’ll find that they ask for their old favorites less often. Give them new favorites. Keep adding new fruit and vegetables to meals to find out what types of healthy options your children like best.

A good diet and proper exercise can go a long way towards improving your health. The reason that most people fail at these two goals is that they focus on transforming their life. This sets you up for failure.

You need to make gradual changes. Begin adding exercise into your daily routine. Start eating quality meals. Over time, these steps will become habits.

So, do what you can and find the time to exercise. This should be your new habit. It’s a habit that can improve your health and help keep you in shape.

Whenever you have the opportunity, get up and exercise for a few minutes. You don’t need any equipment. You can perform crunches or pushups. If you plan ahead, you can also find the time for fun activities with your family.

The more involved you get your family, the more time you’ll have for physical activities – and you get to spend more time with your family.

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