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The 2 Steps That Anyone Can Use to Start Getting in the Best Shape of Their Life

2 Steps to Get in Shape

Millions of people struggle with health and fitness throughout their lives. It’s often an ongoing battle with no end in sight.

You start a new diet, try a new workout routine, but can never find the perfect combination. You inevitably end up right back where you started, making the same unhealthy choices.

The reason that it can be so difficult to start a new diet or a new workout is because you’re making it more difficult than it needs to be. This is one of the biggest issues with health and fitness.

Unless you suffer from a specific medical condition or handicap, getting in better shape shouldn’t be a complicated process.

And, it doesn’t need to be.

There are just 2 steps that you need to take to start getting in the best shape of your life.

If you’ve tried diets, exercises, and fitness fads without the results that you’d like, it’s time to simplify the process. Forget everything else and simply focus on these two steps.

Step One – Walk for 5-Minutes 5 Days Per Week

The first step is simple. You need to walk for 5-minutes every day. Now, if you go anywhere, you probably walk for more than 5-minutes in a day. But, you need to devote 5-minutes specifically to walking that’s not part of an errand or your daily chores.

Choose a time of the day that you can set aside 5-minutes. Write this time on a Post-it note and stick it to your fridge. Remind yourself that you need to walk for 5-minutes at this exact time.

Stick to it. Continue to walk for 5-minutes every day for 5 days of the week.

Start on a Monday and take the weekend off. Though, you could take any two days off, as long as you include 5 days of walking.

If you feel like walking for longer – go for it. But, don’t push yourself. You want to keep it simple.

Step Two – Eat One Healthy Meal Each Week

The next step is to choose one healthy meal to add to your menu each week. Replace one of your normal meals with a healthy option.

Go online and search for healthy recipes. This could be literally anything. The idea is to get your mind to start thinking healthy. Search for something that includes a balance of protein, healthy fats, and simple carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables.

If you enjoy the meal, then save the recipe. Begin building your own cookbook with saved recipes that you’ve enjoyed. Only include well-balanced meals in this complication.

As with walking, you don’t want to push yourself. Don’t force yourself to include additional healthy meals in your diet each week. Start with a single dinner or breakfast.

How Will These 2 Steps Help You Get in Better Shape?

These 2 steps may seem small, but the overall impact that they can have on your health is immeasurable. They are small changes that anyone can make.

5-minutes of walking is a workout that most people should be able to handle. The same is true with eating one healthy meal each week.

These are goals that you should have no problem sticking to. After a month or two, these two steps will become a natural part of your daily routine. They’ll become habits.

You’ll instinctively go for a walk at the same time each day. You’ll instinctively plan one healthy meal each week.

By developing these new habits, you’ve started thinking healthy. The simple act of thinking healthy encourages you to make healthier decisions throughout your day. You’ll find that you’re less likely to grab an unhealthy snack when there’s a healthy option available.

You’re basically becoming more aware of your health and what you’re putting into your body.

You can develop the mindset of a healthy person, which will help you make decisions that are more health conscious.

Boost Your Motivation to Adopt These Two Changes

If you have trouble adopting these two small changes, then write them down. Post a note to your fridge reminding you of your daily walk and reminding you to find a healthy meal.

You can also track your progress. Mark your success in a calendar. Every day that you successfully complete your walk, mark it on the calendar. Do the same with your healthy meal. Over time, you’ll see the effort that you’ve put into improving your health. This will act as additional motivation to keep going.

Another way to build motivation is to reward yourself. You can come up with a suitable reward for completing your walk, such as watching a television show, reading a book, or taking a bath. Just make sure that you don’t cancel out your progress by rewarding yourself with a snack or a piece of cake.

You could also encourage a friend to take part in this process. 5-minutes isn’t enough time to need a workout buddy, but you could track each other’s progress and motivate each other.

Increasing the Intensity of Your Diet and Workout

After these two steps become habits, you can up the ante.

Increase your walk from 5-minutes to 10-minutes. Instead of preparing one healthy meal, prepare two healthy meals each week. Every two months, double your efforts.

If you end up going back to your old routines, then repeat this entire process. Start walking 5-minutes each day and choose one healthy meal each week.

But, if you manage to succeed and continue to build on the positive habits that you’ve developed, you can begin incorporating more healthy changes. When you get your walk up to 30-minutes, you can think of replacing with a different form of exercise, such as cycling, running, or Yoga.

In the end, making healthier decisions shouldn’t be difficult. You just need to start doing it.

The problem is that people think too big. They want fast results and try to do too much at once.

Instead, you need to make small changes. Take it one, or two, steps at a time.

The changes recommended are small enough that anyone should be able to follow them. So, get started – go for a 5-minute walk and pick one healthy meal.

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